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Best 3D Printing Articles of 2019

Article-Best 3D Printing Articles of 2019

3D printing, additive manufacturing, automation, lightweight structures
2019 was a year of surprising developments and advanced processes that occurred with 3D printing and additive manufacturing.

2019 was an amazing year for 3D printing. We’ve seen the development of new materials as well as advances in the production capabilities in additive manufacturing. Here’s a quick look at the progress in 3D printing during 2019.

Additive Manufacturing Automation Brings Down Costs; Increases Productivity 

(Image source: Digital Metal)

This automation technology uses robotics for the most laborious manual step in metal additive manufacturing, which is de-powdering the system after printing. Previously, this step was done by humans using specially designed glove boxes for safety.

Breakthrough 3D Printed Materials Make Strong, Lightweight Structures 

(Image source: ETH Zurich / Marc Day)

New materials that take advantage of a new interior structure could be the way forward for new lightweight, strong materials for myriad uses.

LMD Additive Manufacturing Expands in Aerospace 

 (Source: Form Alloy)

The 3D printing processes of laser metal deposition (LMD) and directed energy deposition (DED) are revolutionizing how the aerospace industry designs and builds high-value components across the manufacturing spectrum from prototyping to production.

Is 3D Printing Ready for Scaled Production? 

(Source: Forecast 3D)

While additive manufacturing has received attention for its promise of mass customization and generative design, not everyone believes it’s ready for large-quantity production.

Why 3D Printing Is Going to Need Blockchain 

(Image source: Pixabay)

Blockchain has the potential to solve 3D printing's inherent security risks before they become a major issue.

Biorefinery Waste Can Be Used for 3D Printing 

(Image source: Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

Researchers at the Department of Energy have used lignin, a byproduct of the biorefinery industry, as part of a new composite material that’s well-suited for 3D printing processes.

Using Light to Control Multimaterial 3D Printing 

(Image source: A.J. Boydston and Johanna Schwartz)

A new light-based technique developed at the University of Wisconsin-Madison allows for more than one material to be printed at a time.

The Untold Truths of 3D Printing You Need to Understand 

(Image source: Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay) 

With all of the hype surrounding additive manufacturing and 3D printing, it's easy to forget that, as with all new technologies, there is a learning curve.

3D-Printed Robot Merges Additive and Smart Manufacturing 

 (Source: HP)

Bastian Solutions worked with Fast Radius to create a shuttle system that uses additive manufacturing to design and construct a custom-designed modular robot system.

3D-Printed Tissues Could Help Heal Serious Sports Injuries 

(Image source: Jeff Fitlow)

Researchers have achieved new structures that can mimic the seamless interconnection of bone and cartilage needed to repair serious sports-related injuries.

Ceramics Offer Amazing Diversity for 3D Printing 

(Image source: Ren Services)

3D-printed ceramics offer many industries a range of applications not found in many other materials.

Researchers Invent New Dynamic Material for 3D Printing 

(Image source: Queensland University of Technology)

The polymer properties of new materials developed by a cross-institutional group of researchers respond dynamically to light and darkness in a novel way.

5 Reasons You’ll Need a 3D Printer on Mars 

(Image source: NASA)

3D printing will play a vital role when we get to Mars. Here are five reasons why.

Harvard's new multimaterial 3D printer moves at hummingbird speeds 

(Image source: Wyss Institute at Harvard University)

A new technique developed at Harvard speeds up multimaterial printing by allowing up to eight different printing materials to fabricate objects.

New Process can 3D Print Living Cells with Precision and Speed 

(Source: TU Wien)

A novel bioink can integrate living cells into 3D scaffolds at a speed of one meter per second, making it possible to study the spread of diseases and produce tailor-made tissue.

Cool and super cool 3D printed projects 


Here’s a look back at several cool hobbyist-level gadgets and a few super cool printed car projects.

(Image Source: 3Deddy, via Thingiverse)

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