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By the numbers: Best DN Tweets of 2019

Article-By the numbers: Best DN Tweets of 2019

By the numbers: Best DN Tweets of 2019
Check-out this year’s top tweets, engagements and impressions to gain valuable insights into trends for next year.

2019 was a year of growth for Design News on Twitter. All metrics were up including tweets, followers, impressions, and engagements.  Reviewing the highest monthly tweet metrics on a yearly basis provides viable insights for what topics will be hot in the coming year.

In case you’ve forgotten the significance of these social media counters, here’s a quick review:

  • Engagements: This is a measure of the total number of times a user interacted in any way with a tweet. An engagement is recorded when anyone clicks on a link, a photo, a tweet, hashtag – anywhere in the tweet area.
  • Impressions: This value represents the number of times a user views a tweet in their timeline or search results. These users can be followers who viewed a tweet in their feeds or simply twitter users who found the tweet during a search.

The compilations below are the monthly metrics of the Top Tweet – the one with the most impressions, the Top Mention – the tweet by someone else mentioning you that received the most engagements, and the Top Media Tweet – the one that incudes a photo or video. The Top Media Tweet is the media tweet with the most impressions. Media Tweets are typically more effective than text-only Tweets.

Image Source: Twitter

December 2019

  • Top Tweet: New @IIHS_autosafety side crash test wallops cars 82 percent harder…
  • Top Mention: Evan Kirstel #CES2020 @evankirstel Old 3G battle shifts to #5G struggle via @DesignNews
  • Top Media Tweet: Does your IoT device pass the UL test? @UL_Standards @ArmEmbedded @NIST @IEEEIoT @BrightsightBV #security #IoT #testing #labs

November 2019

  • Top Tweet:  Aiming for the Tier 1 market, @MicrochipTech has designed a cyber-protection solution that secures the vehicle while adhering to auto specifications and standards. #automotive #cybersecurity #autos…
  • Top Mention: @HazemAlbalushi  @VDM_News @DieterRamsDsgn @designernewsbot @DesignNews Braun will bring Dieter Rams headphones to market again but with new technology.
  • Top Media Tweet: New Free Online Course Nov. 18-22, Designing and Launching an Embedded Product: Join us as we focus on challenges facing teams looking to launch a product and explore best practices needed for success. #DNCEC #embeddedproducts #productdevelopment

October 2019

  • Top Tweet: New Free Online Course October 21-25, Easy TCP/IP for IoT: Join us for a series of lectures that focus on designing and coding IoT devices that communicate using the services of TCP/IP. #DNCEC #IoT #TCP #InternetofThings #IoTDevices
  • Top Mention: Dan Carney @AutowriterDan I'm excited to announce today that, after 23 years as a freelancer, I've joined the staff of @DesignNews as a senior editor, covering automotive engineering, technology and design.
  • Top Media Tweet: Nine days till the #Midwest's largest Advanced Design & Manufacturing event. Claim your free expo pass here:

September 2019

  • Top Tweet: Go back in time with a day-by-day journey through the #Apollo11 Moon Landing. Download this eBook for incredible photos, expert articles, insights from real Apollo 11 crew members and more! #sponsored Download your FREE eBook now!
  • Top Mention: Mouser Electronics @MouserElec Wearable devices that collect health, diagnostic, & environmental information are becoming more popular for medical, personal, & professional use. Researchers have designed an ultra-thin wearable they compare to wearing a Band-Aid:… via @DesignNews
  • Top Media Tweet: Free Online Course Sept 23-27, NFC-connected Phone as a User Interface? There's an App For That! Join us for a lecture series presenting design steps necessary for the device and phone side of an NFC-based user app to control a device on the IoT.

August 2019

  • Top Tweet: New Free Online Course August 26-30, Exploring Vision Devices: Join us for a series of lectures that investigate vision devices from the technological viewpoint of embedded vision and machine vision systems. #DNCEC #visiondevices #machinevision
  • Top Mention:  Karolina Kurzac @karolina_kurzac The #Future of IoT Includes Edge Computing, #AI & #Blockchain @ingliguori @IDC @DesignNews #IoT #IIoT #Blockchains #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #EdgeComputing @antgrasso @evankirstel @IIoT_World @vinod1975 @Ronald_vanLoon @FrRonconi @enricomolinari
  • Top Media Tweet: When the original CAD design isn’t accessible, what is the fastest way to quickly produce parts that reference real-world components? Join us August 6th!

July 2019

  • Top Tweet: SAE International President, Paul Mascarenas, will be moderating a #DriveWorldESC panel on setting the standard in transformational technologies. We hope to see you there!
  • Top Mention:  Karolina Kurzac @karolina_kurzac The #Future of IoT Includes Edge Computing, #AI & #Blockchain @ingliguori @IDC @DesignNews #IoT #IIoT #Blockchains #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #EdgeComputing @antgrasso @evankirstel @IIoT_World @vinod1975 @Ronald_vanLoon @FrRonconi @enricomolinari
  • Top Media Tweet: Want to deconstruct an AV? VSI Labs’ Phil Magney has you covered in his session: Decomposition of an Autonomous Vehicle.

June 2019

  • Top Tweet: New Free Online Course July 22-26, Microprocessor-Based Industrial Controllers: Join us for a series of lectures that look at the development of microprocessor-based industrial controllers and the modern architectures currently in use. #DNCEC
  • Top Mention: Kia Motors Global @Kia_Motors The ‪#KiaNiroHybrid and ‪#KiaOptimahybrid are among the most efficient hybrids you can buy via ‪@DesignNews - ‪… #KiaNow #Niro #Hybrid
  • Top Media Tweet: Catching up with Smalley and ROTOprecision at #ADMexpo Toronto! Stop by their booth and say hi! PS - can't make it to Toronto? Smalley will be in at our East show next week. Claim your free expo pass here:

May 2019

  • Top Tweet:  New Free Online Course May 20-24, Connectivity Solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT): Join us for a series of lectures that examine the communication components for the IIoT and how they are interconnected and architected. #DNCEC
  • Top Mention: Giuliano [email protected] The #Future of IoT Includes Edge Computing, AI, and Blockchain @IDC via @DesignNews #IoT #Blockchain #edgecomputing #AI #DigitalTransformation @antgrasso @evankirstel @IIoT_World @karolina_kurzac @vinod1975 @Ronald_vanLoon @FrRonconi @enricomolinari
  • Top Media Tweet: New Free Online Course June 10-14, Designing Embedded Systems Using Micro Python: Join us for a lecture series that explores how to use MicroPython to develop products and points out the little "gotchas" that can be stumbling blocks to developers.

April 2019

  • Top Tweet: Experience products — from new materials and intelligent sensors to testing solutions and components — from industry giants serving New England's medtech, embedded systems, and design engineering industries. Expo pass free for a limited time. #BIOMEDevice
  • Top Mention: [email protected]  Apr 23Great @DesignNews article on the eight #RISC-V companies to watch!
  • Top Media Tweet: Don't miss out -join your industry peers in New York this June! Claim your free expo pass today (prices go up at onsite).

March 2019

  • Top Tweet: In an assembly line that’s automated, we get to a certain step and cobots are a natural fit, especially If you need more force than a person can provide.
  • Top Mention: [email protected] This morning we're nostalgia'ing hard over 90's #VR with @DesignNews' exploration of SEGA's unreleased headset for the Genesis. For today's #WednesdayWisdom, what's your favorite bit of retro tech?
  • Top Media Tweet: Not Available

February 2019

  • Top Tweet: Uber has autonomous car ambitions. The company is developing technologt for the space. The latest is an open-source version of its Autonomous Visualization System that allows developers and engineers to share standardized autonomous vehicle data.
  • Top Mention: [email protected]  Feb 26Our MPC-LS chipset is “a catalyst to unlock all the #connectedvehicle data that’s going through the car.” NXP’s Brian Carlson talks to @DesignNews about helping automakers enable service-oriented gateways for new revenue streams, safety and more. #EW19…
  • Top Media Tweet: New Free Online Course March 18-22, Prototyping Predictive Analytic Techniques: Join us for a series of lectures that will investigate predictive analytics techniques using embedded platforms, Python, and Orange software. #DNCEC #Analytics #python

January 2019

John Blyler is a Design News senior editor, covering the electronics and advanced manufacturing spaces. With a BS in Engineering Physics and an MS in Electrical Engineering, he has years of hardware-software-network systems experience as an editor and engineer within the advanced manufacturing, IoT and semiconductor industries. John has co-authored books related to system engineering and electronics for IEEE, Wiley, and Elsevier.

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